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— May 26, 2016

Block Commissary Privatization

31 Senators introduce an amendment to protect commissaries on military installations. Read more here...

— May 25, 2016

Choice under Scrutiny

The Veterans Choice program passed by Congress in 2014 was designed to ease delays in receiving care in the wake of VA's national wait-time scandal. It provides access to private health care for Veterans who cannot get a VA appointment within 30 days or live more than 40 miles from a VA facility. Several changes have been made to the program over the past two years including those that increased the number of Veterans eligible for the program.

— May 14, 2016

USAA to sponsor Memberships

USAA will sponsor a 1-year membership for ALS graduates. Read More....

— May 10, 2016

SASC Chair: Vets Omnibus "Very Bad"

Leo Shane of Military Times reports that the Chairman of the powerful Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator John McCain (R-AZ), "on Friday panned the massive veterans omnibus legislation pending in the Senate as a 'very bad' plan, casting doubt on the future of the already controversial reform measure."